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How I Didn’t Get To Meet Arnold Palmer

I was born in 1956 and Arnold Palmer won his first PGA Tour event – The Canadian Open – in 1955, so much of his success came before I was even aware of golf. In our home we got a … Continue reading

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Judging the New Canadians

The world needs another whisky blogger like it needs more greenhouse gases, so the whisky world need not worry, as I have no intention of writing about it on a regular basis. But I like whisky, especially Scotch and Canadian … Continue reading

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The Best Cat Ever

The Internet needs another item about cats the way I need another 20 pounds, but I’m going to add to that list anyway. This is a therapeutic effort for me as much as anything, so I beg your indulgence. Continue … Continue reading

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Clear As Mud

Back when I was a young teenager growing up I didn’t pay much attention to politicians unless they became the subject for comedians and entertainers. That’s when I began to associate U.S. President Richard Nixon with the line “Let me … Continue reading

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Government, Business, and Hit and Run Politics

When the Hamm government was elected in 1999, one of the 243 promises in their platform was to get Nova Scotia out of the liquor retailing business. That platform was one that I doubt they ever thought they would need … Continue reading

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The Great Halifax Snow Job

I have always hated winter, and as I get older that sentiment only seems to get worse. This year in particular – at least over the last few weeks – those of us in Halifax have taken it on the … Continue reading

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Who Do You Trust? The Broten Report and the Sad State of Provincial Finances

This week, the Province released the Nova Scotia Tax and Regulatory Review report, produced by Laurel Broten following a consultation process of several months. While the consultation was not on the scale of Graham Steele’s “Back to Balance” tour in … Continue reading

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